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An individual who rides a motorbike lives, to a point, within the margins of society. the place participants of the herd force Toyota Camrys and hipster hatchbacks, bikers choose Harley-Davidsons, Triumphs, and Ducatis, placing themselves in the market like raised center arms thrust on the usual electorate of the realm. And simply as a motorcyclistís journey is an affront to the sensibilities of the meek and the traditional, so too is the ink on his or her pores and skin. Tattoos have lengthy been a vital part of this tradition, the results of the overpowering variety of ex-military males who shaped the nucleus of the postwar outlaw motorbike membership scene. those infantrymen, sailors, and marines back from conflict with statements etched in ink upon their our bodies, they usually endured that culture once they shaped the golf equipment that got here to outline motorbike tradition. In one thousand Biker Tattoos, bike photographer Sara Liberte celebrates this so much own of paintings kinds through shooting the wild abandon of the motorbike way of life as expressed via tattoo paintings. that includes 1,000 images of tattoos and the art used to create them, in addition to profiles of the main popular tattoo artists within the biker neighborhood, this booklet presents an unparalleled window into the main intimate point of motorbike tradition.

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Indd 34 (RAY) (Text) 7/8/13 5:49 PM 7/8/13 5:55 PM F39_Job No: 06-30772 Title: MBI-1000 Biker Tattoos C69655_#175 DTP: 216 Page: 34 attoos ge: 34 ▲ a bold statement, especially for a neck tattoo—it must be your way of life, because those who “live to ride” “ride to live” as well. Bill Tinney ▲ this biker makes an “offering to the God of speed;” those crossed pistons and the number 35 can only point to one man: this is a tribute to the world’s fastest indian pilot, Burt Munro. ” ▲ “live to ride” is proudly displayed on this back piece, as are some pistons and a spark plug.

That V8 ain’t for tomato juice! ▲ chains, spark plugs, ladies, sprockets, and skulls—more ingredients to a great biker tattoo. ▲ route 66 is aflame, along with a harley-davidson logo, a few wrenches, and a greasy sparkplug. this sleeve is dedicated to motorcycling. indd 50 (RAY) (Text) 7/8/13 5:54 PM 6/27/13 3:05 PM F39_Job No: 06-30772 Title: MBI-1000 Biker Tattoos C69655_#175 #175 DTP: 216 Page: 50 attoos ge: 50 ▲ This full sleeve is full of motorcycle components. The artwork is by Joe Delbuono.

Indd 30 (RAY) (Text) 6/27/13 2:51 PM 6/27/13 3:05 PM F39_Job No: 06-30772 Title: MBI-1000 Biker Tattoos #175 DTP: 216 Page: 30 attoos ge: 30 ▲ Knuckle tattoos are a preferred place to display words of meaning. this tattoo is clearly from a dedicated chopper rider. ▲ “let’s ride” and “hold Fast” are (according to my friends) my slogans in life, so i had these permanently inked by my tattoo artist, Brian Jones. ▲ “‘choppers ’til you die’ says it all for me,” says Mike Grawunder, of ontario, canada.

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