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A unprecedented selection of one hundred and one ways in which coaches can hire varied diversifications of the choice of their team's offensive assault. Covers the split-back veer, wishbone, Woody s choice, Delaware wing-t, a number of I concepts, one-back bone, midline choice, shotgun choice, utilizing units and movement, in addition to machine strategies and kicking-game techniques. includes over a hundred diagrams and illustrations.

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Using split backs allows both backs to release in pass patterns. The formation always has a strong side and a weak side, depending on the placement of the flanker. Option#1: Inside Veer The split-back inside veer is the basis of the triple-option offense. The quarterback is responsible for reading the handoff key (the first man outside the diveback's path) and optioning the pitch key (Diagram 3). The offensive line veer blocks and creates a running lane for the dive. Onside Wide Receiverstalks onside corner.

The key ingredient of the successful Sooner attack proved to be the large line splits that the split-T dictated. It was at Oklahoma that the concept of speed in space was born (Diagram 2). Page 13 Diagram 2 The next big development in the option was the split-back veer attack introduced by Bill Yeomen at the University of Houston and Homer Rice at the University of Cincinnati. The veer signified the birth of the triple option and its revolutionary concept of adding a "read" to the option. It also transformed Houston and Cincinnati into big-play powerhouses.

However, the triple option from the wishbone can be run with "loop blocking," because in this case, the mesh is further removed from the handoff key (Diagram 14). Assignments: The offensive linemen step with their play-side foot and take an outside release to their assignments. Quarterbackexecutes triple-option reads. The Loop Triple Option to the Split End is one of the best split end attacks in football. The loop scheme was basically designed to defeat the 50 defense and the pinch-and-scrape stunt by the defensive tackle and the linebacker.

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