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By Loui Fuller

A superb advent to Loie Fuller by way of the goddess of sunshine herself. whereas she does bend the reality right here and there the tale she has to percentage is astounding. by the point she used to be in her sixties Fuller was once a global star renown not just for her awesome gentle centric dances, illusionary innovations, and lighting fixtures designs yet for her public relationships with French heads of country and the Queen of Romania.

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This, of course, discovered in Deep was the casket which I had just my trunk. in thought I stooped soft, silky stuff. I and gathered up the put on the Hindu skirt, the skirt sent me by my two young officers, those young men who must by this time have " served as targets " somewhere out there in the jungle, for I never heard from them again. My robe, which was destined to become a triumphal robe, was at least a half a yard too long. Thereupon I raised the girdle and so shaped for myself a sort of empire robe, pinning the skirt to a decoUete bodice.

Friends. They advised me to go and see another manager, and, if I secured an engagement, simply to drop the other theatre. went to the began to cry, and Theatre, but on the I my I was in tears when I asked to see the manager, there. way I I arrived and told him story. He me one hundred and fifty dollars a week. I was to make my first appearance at once, and sign a contract dating from the next day. On reaching home I asked if nothing had come for me from the other theatre. Nothing had come. offered That evening my friends went to the where they saw a poster announcing, theatre, for the following evening, the initial appearance in the ** Serpentine " of Miss When they .

What city I was to That meant a month of inactivity. Finally I learned that I was to make my debut, not at the Opera as my manager had promised, but in a music hall. The Opera was closed, and the music hall was the only place where I could discover in dance. In that event I would dance only my first dance and would exhibit only a single gown, just as I had done in New York. I then chose three of my numbers and prepared myself for my appearance. But this debut was made without personal interest.

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