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By Henry T. Brown

This 1868 compendium of inventive mechanisms employs basic drawings to provide an explanation for 507 of the small elements that represent advanced equipment. Left-hand pages characteristic illustrations, and dealing with pages provide short descriptions of use and operation. starting from uncomplicated to complicated, the mechanisms contain cranks, pulleys, drills, wheels, and screws.

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200. A mode of obtaining two different speeds on the same shaft from one driving-wheel. 201. A continual rotation of the pinion (obtained through the irregular shaped gear at the left) gives a variable vibrating movement to the horizontal arm, and a variable reciprocating movement to the rod, A. 202. Worm or endless screw and worm-wheel. Modification of 30, used when steadiness or great power is required. 203. A regular vibrating movement of the curved slotted arm gives a variable vibration to the straight arm.

By giving a vibratory motion to the lever secured to the semi-circular segment, the belt attached to the said segment imparts a reciprocating rotary motion to the two pulleys below. 7. A method of engaging, disengaging, and reversing the upright shaft at the left. The belt is shown on the middle one of the three pulleys on the lower shafts, a, b, which pulley is loose, and consequently no movement is communicated to the said shafts. When the belt is traversed on the left-hand pulley, which is fast on the hollow shaft, b, carrying the bevel-gear, B, motion is communicated in one direction to the upright shaft; and on its being traversed on to the right-hand pulley, motion is transmitted through the gear, A, fast on the shaft, a, which runs inside of b, and the direction of the upright shaft is reversed.

Upon the spur-gear is bolted a small crank, to which is jointed a connecting-rod attached to traversing guide-bar. On turning the disk, the spur-gear is made to rotate partly upon its center by means of the fixed pinion, and consequently brings crank nearer to center of disk. If the rotation of disk was continued, the spur-gear would make an entire revolution. During half a revolution the traverse would have been shortened a certain amount at every revolution of disk, according to the size of spur-gear ; and during the other half it would have gradually lengthened in the same ratio.

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