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By Richard Evans

The nation of Pergamum emerged from the nice interval of instability which the loss of life of Alexander the nice. Over the subsequent century Pergamum used to be to develop into one of many wealthiest states within the japanese Mediterranean. The nation of Pergamum was once integrated into the Roman Empire among 133/129 BCE and it will definitely grew to become Rome's wealthiest province. the full of Asia Minor suffered within the civil wars which ended the Roman Republic, and Pergamum didn't get away the exactions demanded of the Greek towns by means of Pompey, Caesar and Antony. within the next peace, ushered in via Augustus, Pergamum regained its prosperity and have become one of many cultural centres of the Roman Empire. Its ruling dynasty - the Attalids - have been buyers of the humanities and whereas in energy have been liable for the outstanding embellishment in their capital at Pergamum. different extra old towns similar to Ephesus and Miletus additionally benefited from their govt. This quantity surveys Pergamum's background from the overdue 3rd Century BCE to the second one Century CE.

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The details of an episode over a century before Livy’s birth are remarkably precise. Eumenes is said to have recognized the possibility of making a profit out of this venture. The Ally of Rome 39 He started to bargain for payment either for not giving aid to the Romans either by land or by sea or for securing a peace with Rome. 6). First of all, Eumenes was not then in a position to become neutral if he was in charge of a garrison, even if it was insignificant to the total war effort. Therefore his only course would be to try to intercede for Perseus with the Roman senate.

By showing where his future sympathies lay, he was rather nailing his colours to the mast as regards his foreign diplomacy; and it worked out wonderfully well for Pergamum, as events proved, although the fifteen years after Phoenice were difficult ones not just for Pergamum but the region as a whole. Whatever the strict order of events – and they obviously occurred within weeks, and certainly months, of each other – the peace negotiated in The Ally of Rome 29 Epirus re-established the status quo in the Aegean.

And it is striking that, contrary to usual practices, he did not use intermediaries in this action, and possibly not on a regular basis, again pointing to the individual nature of his rule. Here was no complex system of governance, but rather the lord of his manor visiting the boundaries of his lands and connecting with his neighbours, who were not always friendly and obliging. If we read between the lines, it is also hardly in the realm of international politics when we next hear of Attalus in Polybius.

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