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By Han Zhongmin, Hubert Delahaye

A trip via old China takes the reader on a voyage of discovery from the Neolithic Age to the Ming Dynasty of the 17th century. it's the so much lavishly illustrated ebook to be released at the wonders of chinese language archeology. It finds and illustrates the 10 so much impressive archeological websites unearthed in China seeing that 1949. dazzling exhibitions of a few of those discoveries have turned around the globe long ago few years, showing the unbelievably wealthy history of the oldest non-stop civilization on earth-but right here in a single quantity are the main impressive of those artistic endeavors including these by no means publicly exhibited.

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The lid the form of a These realistic tiger enis in ready to spring. ). 60 A gong vessel with a lid in the form of a giraffe's head, with a small dragon between the horns. The whole body decorated with phoenix motifs. ). ), with roof, a lid in the form of a palace on which is incised an inscription identifying it as one of the ceremonial vessels which Tianshi had made for his dead father 62 Kiji. hong with an inscription which celebrates the feats of arms, in particu- lar the liberation of 1 14 men captured by the enemy.

Functional above the less refined life all of Shan- else, these of the peasants and herdsmen of the borders of Central Asia and the steppes. But the relative distance of these zones from the Central Plain did not visibly pose problems. Gansu, one should not 30 *m~-*x was the starting and finishing point of what was to become the Silk Route and the contacts with western Asia certainly pre-date the opening up of this route. Chinese forget, scholars, to whom ture, very rarely a sinocentric outlook mention the striking is often second na- similarities between the decorative motifs of pottery found in Lanzhou, Jiuquan and Gansu and those of in other sites in made tionally the pottery tradi- in sites near the Caspian Sea.

In the Yellow River valley. is very from the same period I olio-' which dominate the roof of the world. A i (f THE MASTERS BRONZE CASTING SHANE AND ZHOU DYNASTIES The Xia dynasty, according to written sources, existed between the twenty-first century and the sixteenth century BC and over the four or more centuries that it held sway it had 17 kings between much Yu recent research, the Great and Jie, however, despite no direct proof of its existence has emerged. On the other hand a culture, the Erlitou in Yanshi, has been discovered which matches the mythical dynasty both geographically and in time.

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