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By David Ashton

The 3rd in David Ashton's sequence of McLevy thrillers, A Trick of the sunshine sees McLevy group up with Arthur Conan Doyle to pursue a ruthless killer. it really is 1860 and a accomplice officer, Jonathen Sinclair, arrives in Edinburgh with a sheaf of cash to buy a blockade-runner from Clydeside shipbuilders. he's betrayed to the Union forces and is shot useless by means of their mystery brokers. who're they and the place is Sinclair's funds? in the meantime, a gorgeous younger American spiritualist, Sophia Adler, is the toast of upper-class Edinburgh along with her dramatic seances. although, she may perhaps but end up to be the deadliest girl McLevy and Conan Doyle will ever stumble upon.

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Indeed there was something childlike and disarming about the whole presentation before them, a brash young boy caught inside a giant’s body. ’ he asked, the voice a little higher-pitched than the frame would warrant. ’ The young man blinked a little at this, and looked round all three policemen as if they were in disguise. ‘I am here to report a crime,’ he announced finally. ‘You’ve come to the right place then,’ said McLevy. ‘No denyin’ that,’ added Mulholland. Roach, of course, at this point, should have handed the case to McLevy and walked off to gaze at the portrait of Queen Victoria that hung in his office, comforting himself with the thought that both his sovereign and the Supreme Chief Constable in heaven would find no fault with their loyal servant, but some imp of perversity seized him and so he stood there as a member of the silent trinity.

Sinclair lunged with his free hand, the other gripped to his gun, and his clawed fingers found purchase on hair. Human hair. He hauled up, backwards to the faint light and looked into the feral, terrified face of a young boy. ‘Don’t mark me, sir,’ the captive whimpered, face crunched up in pain. ’ Sinclair spoke softly and dragged the boy close by to muffle the exchange, only too aware that more dangerous foes might lurk in the shadows. ‘Where I sleep,’ replied the other with muted indignation.

This uncompromising retort was accompanied by a dazzling smile and nod of the head as if they had reached an agreeable solution. ’ ‘She’s French as well. ’ Jean let out a silvery peal of affected laughter, which would have appalled anyone of her intimate acquaintance, one police inspector in particular. ‘Francine dishes it out though. ’ Before she might confide further titbits from the boudoir of applied as opposed to received flagellation, the Countess reached across and laid her hand upon the back of Jean’s, nails resting lightly upon the other’s bare flesh.

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