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By Irene Lewis-McCormick

Outlines a coaching routine designed particularly for girls and contains workouts for every region of the physique in addition to urged exercise session schedules.

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Genetics and other lifestyle factors play huge roles in how you will respond to strength training, even more than the training techniques you use. Let’s take a look at the following somatotypes, which are categories that are based purely on genetic body types: • Endomorph—a softer, rounder body with a high percentages of body fat • Mesomorph—a muscular physique with an athletic build • Ectomorph—a slender, lean physique with low levels of body fat Do any of these somatotypes fit your body type?

Those with flat or fallen arches) tend to roll the ankle too far inward. , those with high arches and stiff feet) don’t have enough flexion in their stride. Ankle and arch issues permeate all sports, so have an expert watch you as you walk and, if possible, your running stride. If you have high arches, investigate cushioning shoes. These shoes are built on a curved last, with padding in the heel or under the ball of the foot (or both places) to encourage a rolling motion through the heel strike to the ball push-off.

Rest is physically necessary so that the muscles can repair, rebuild, and strengthen. Sleep, a major function of rest, is critical for muscle strength and development. In general, one or two nights of little or poor sleep won’t have much impact on performance, but consistently getting inadequate sleep can result in subtle changes in hormone levels, muscle recovery, and mood. The body performs most of its recovery while sleeping, which is why getting adequate amounts of sleep as well as building in rest days between workouts can maintain a healthy balance of home, work, and fitness goals.

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