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By Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer's intoxicating new novel is right now a trendy highbrow secret and a pulse-quickening love story--the love in query being instantaneously sacred and profane.

John Macmillan, a classically reticent Englishman who has moved to California to review the poems of the Sufi mystic Rumi, all of sudden turns into eager about both soaking up quests. the 1st is for a mysterious Rumi manuscript that could were smuggled out of Iran; the second one for the elusive Camilla Jensen, who constantly bargains herself to him merely to continually slip from his clutch. Are those quests someway comparable? and will Macmillan provide himself over to them with no wasting his profession and identity?

Moving deftly from California academia to the mosques of Iran, choked with insights into the minds of Islam and the trendy West, Abandon is a magic carpet-ride of a booklet.

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But along came Raymond and I didn’t come back to you, I just didn’t. When you finally got to the bus stop, the bus was just pulling up and your knee was all bloody and the purple barrette that Mom put in your hair was dangling from one little piece of your hair. You budged right in front of all the kids in line for the bus to stand next to me and I pretended you weren’t even there. 38 Heather Gudenkauf When we climbed on the bus, I sat down with Raymond. You just stood in the aisle, waiting for me to scootch over and make room for you, but I turned my back on you to talk to Raymond.

I look out the kitchen window and see Martin and Louis step out of Louis’s car, Martin’s shirt already soaked with the day’s heat. The girls are not with them. Ben will find them. They are of one mind, and he will find them. Deputy Sheriff Louis Martin Gregory and I approach Toni’s front door. Martin has had no luck in locating his daughter or Toni’s, and I am hopeful that the girls will be sitting at the kitchen table eating Toni’s pancakes, or that they have shown up at the Gregorys’ where Fielda waits for them.

When Griff and I found each other, it was such a relief. We could breathe easily, at least for a while. Then things changed, like they always do. Like now, when once again, I can’t find him when I need him. I nervously fold and refold the dish towels from the kitchen drawer and I think I should give my brothers a call, tell them what’s happening. But the thought of putting the fact that T h e We i g h t of S i l e n c e 61 Calli is lost or worse into words is too frightening. I look out the kitchen window and see Martin and Louis step out of Louis’s car, Martin’s shirt already soaked with the day’s heat.

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