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By Lynda La Plante

Within the footsteps of Jane Tennison, immortalized by way of Helen Mirren in major Suspect, comes Anna Travis, a rookie lady detective approximately to embark on her first homicide case. The murders could not be extra grotesque. the tactic of killing is the same, the backgrounds of the ladies very comparable -- all are prostitutes. because the e-book opens, a 7th physique is located, related modus operandi however the sufferer this time is a candy younger scholar. Anna stumbles on a necessary piece of data that hyperlinks one guy to the killings, a well known, much-loved actor. His protestation of innocence is convincing, and Anna can be succumbing to his flattering realization. What if he's arrested, the media erupts, and he's the inaccurate guy?

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It’s not my job, anyway, to go schlepping out for his lunch. ’ Anna flew down the narrow stone steps and along a murky corridor. The hubbub of noise drew her easily to the briefing room. Rows of chairs had been placed in haphazard lines and a desk and two chairs faced them. The large dingy room smelled of stale tobacco, even though there were stained yellow notices demanding ‘No Smoking’. Anna skirted her way along to a vacant chair at the back, where she sat clutching her notebook. Up front, Lewis and Barolli were joined by eight detectives and six uniformed officers.

Anna followed Langton to the incident room, where he threw off his coat, took a marker and headed towards the board. He began listing the information he’d received from Henson. ’ Jean, a thin-faced constable in uniform, was working at one of the computers. ’ She didn’t look as if she suffered fools gladly. ‘No, thank you. ’ ‘OK! ’ ‘Not yet, but she’s been dead four weeks at least. Strangled and sexually abused. Get on to the super, tell him we have a critical incident. We’ll need a Gold Group set up; we’re in danger of losing the public’s confidence.

There had been numerous arrests for drunk and disorderly conduct and, as with the others, arrests for prostitution and street-walking. She had once been a redhead, but the hair in the photographs was badly dyed blonde and in texture resembled frizzy door-matting. The mortuary pictures of her sagging, overweight body and her flattened breasts were depressing. Six babies had gone to care homes, or been fostered, due to her inability to care for them. When her decomposing corpse was found, it was lying in a public park, hidden under stinging nettles.

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