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By Jo Toye

Realize summary portray with acrylics!

"If you technique your paintings with a playful angle you'll be extra apt to maintain making paintings, and the extra paintings you're making, the higher your paintings will be." --pg. 10

Like a diving board for creativity, Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting might help you plunge joyfully into artmaking. With the assumption that an perspective of playfulness is vital to creative development, award-winning acrylic artist Jo Toye leads you on an interesting workshop-style experience packed with leading edge innovations, creative ways and leap forward results.

Work Small. begin via gaining knowledge of how engaged on a small canvas yields monstrous payoffs. in the event you don't have something to lose yet a couple of minutes and a bit piece of paper, you'll locate that you simply paint extra fearlessly, take in new innovations speedier and revel in your self more.
Step-by-Step Instruction. study what instruments Toye unearths most beneficial in making artwork, in addition to 17 step by step demonstrations exhibiting how one can use them to top effect.
Start-to-Finish portray Projects. on the middle of the publication, eight start-to-finish portray initiatives placed all of it jointly. notice clean takes on stenciling, sponging, making and dealing with gesso. Use razor blades and applicator bottles to create detailed linework. in attaining splendidly unique styles utilizing face up to pens, mouth atomizers and India ink. scan with transparent Tar Gel, pour paint with pipettes, paintings over most sensible a "failed" painting...all yielding brilliantly unique results.

seriously illustrated and full of interesting rules you won't locate at any place else, Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting will encourage you to color, scan, play...and come away with a few of your most sensible paintings but!

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