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During that time, I have worked with hummers and bummers. In the past year, I invested a huge number of hours in testing and choosing three software packages that would be suitable for this book and that I could present to you as very desirable choices that fit a wide variety of small business types. It is my intention to demystify accounting procedures for you. This book offers examples for various accounting functions from One-Write Plus for Windows, Peachtree for Windows, and QuickBooks for Windows.

Box 372 Naperville, Illinois 60566 (630) 961-3900 FAX: 630-961-2168 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Gutmann, Jean E.  Gutmann.  cm. Includes index.  AccountingComputer programs.  Title. B. 21 2-5 Screen from QuickBooks Tour of New Features 25 2-6 Setup Checklist from Peachtree 26 2-7 Sample from One-Write Plus System 27 2-8 Backup Options Window from Peachtree 31 3-1 General Ledger (GL) Data Flow Diagram 40 3-2 Sample Chart of Accounts 43 3-3 Chart of Accounts Master File Record 44 3-4 Pop-Up Chart of Accounts during Data Entry 45 3-5 General Journal Entry Screen 46 3-6 Sample Memorized Transaction List 47 3-7 Sample Trial Balance 48 3-8 Account History for Advertising Expense 49 4-1 Sample Trial Balance 53 4-2 Detailed General Ledger Audit Trail 55 4-3 Sample General Journal Report 56 4-4 Sample Income Statement 58 4-5 Comparative Income Statement 59 4-6 Sample Balance Sheet 61 4-7 Sample Statement of Cash Flows 63 4-8 Revenue and Expense Graph from QuickBooks 65 4-9 Consequences of Closing the Accounts 67 4-10 Quattro Pro Spreadsheet Using General Ledger Data 69 5-1 Navigation Aid for Accounts Payable from Peachtree 72 5-2 Accounts Payable (AP) Data Flow 73 Page vi 5-3 Sample Vendor Master File Record 76 5-4 Sample Chart of Accounts Selection 77 5-5 Purchase Transaction Entry 79 5-6 Purchases Journal Posted to General Ledger 80 5-7 Payment Transaction Entry 81 5-8 Selecting Payments from a List 82 5-9 Memorized Transactions List 84 6-1 Sample Remittance Advice Check 91 6-2 Sample Check Register 93 6-3 Vendor LedgerDetailed Listing 94 6-4 Sample Purchases Journal 96 6-5 Sample Cash Disbursements Journal 97 6-6 Sample Cash Requirements Report 98 6-7 Sample Vendor Master List 99 6-8 Sample Payables Graph 100 6-9 Sample 1099 Form 102 6-10 Spreadsheet Using Accounts Payable Data 104 7-1 Navigation Aid for Accounts Receivable from Peachtree 106 7-2 Accounts Receivable (AR) Data Flow 107 7-3 Sample Customer Master File Record 110 7-4 Sample Sales Item Master File Record 111 7-5 Sales Invoice Transaction Entry 113 7-6 Sample Sales Tax Rates Master File 114 7-7 Accounts Receivable Receipts Transaction Display 115 7-8 Sales Transaction Posted to General Ledger Account 119 7-9 Procedure to Assess Finance Charges 120 8-1 Sample Sales Invoice 126 8-2 Sample Customer Statement 127 8-3 Customer LedgerDetailed Listing 128 8-4 Sample Sales Journal 130 8-5 Sample Cash Receipts Journal 131 8-6 Aged Receivables Report 132 8-7 Sample Customer Master List 133 8-8 Sample Sales Activity Report 134 8-9 Sample Receivables Graph 135 8-10 Sales Tax Summary Report 136 8-11 WordPerfect Document Using Accounts Receivable Data 138 Page vii 9-1 Payroll Navigation Aid from Peachtree 140 9-2 Payroll Data Flow 141 9-3 Payroll Default Items List 145 9-4 Sample Payroll Tax Table Edit Capability 146 9-5 Sample Setup Screen for Pension Plan 147 9-6 Unemployment Tax Rate Setup 149 9-7 Sample Employee Master File 150 9-8 Sample Form for Entering YTD Earnings 151 9-9 Sample Payroll Entry Screen 153 9-10 Sample Tax Liability Report 154 9-11 Sample Entry for Paying Tax Liabilities 155 10-1 Sample Paycheck 160 10-2 Sample Payroll Journal 161 10-3 Sample Payroll Check Register 162 10-4 Employee Master Record with Earnings History 163 10-5 Sample Employee Master List 164 10-6 Payroll Tax Liability Listing 166 10-7 Payroll Liabilities as of a Specific Date 167 10-8 Sample Quarterly 941 Form 168 10-9 Sample Quarterly Report with 941 Information 169 10-10 Sample W-2 Form Prepared by Payroll System 170 10-11 Sample W-2 Annual Summary Report 171 10-12 Sample Annual Summary for Form 940 172 11-1 Inventory Components from QuickTour 177 11-2 Inventory Data Flow 178 11-3 Sample Inventory Master File Record 181 11-4 Inventory Item List 182 11-5 Sample Action Alert for Inventory 184 11-6 Inventory Purchase Order 185 11-7 Sales Invoice for Inventory 186 11-8 Sales Transaction in Journal Form 187 11-9 Inventory Adjustment 189 11-10 On-Screen Inventory Inquiry 190 11-11 Stock Status Report 191 11-12 Inventory Ledger Detail 192 11-13 Inventory Reorder Report 193 11-14 Inventory Profitability Report 194 Page viii Acknowledgments In Gratitude This book comes to you as a coherent and helpful document because so many terrific people assisted me with it.

Very large corporations have built their accounting systems from scratch by hiring systems analysts and computer programmers who design custom applications. Even when a small business buys Peachtree or QuickBooks, they sometimes hire a computer programmer to add to its features by writing custom computer routines. This option is very expensive and time consuming. This book assumes that you are not currently a candidate for this complex and costly aspect of computerized accounting. Page 8 Electronic Checkbooks Are Not Accounting Software There are some very popular record keeping programs in use by small businesses that are not accounting programs because they do not maintain full account ledgers and have no capacity for managing accounts receivable (customer accounts) or accounts payable (vendor accounts).

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