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Solids, beverages, and gases–oh my! study all in regards to the states of topic and primary actual ideas with the joys technological know-how experiments during this booklet. discover when you could make water circulation upward, if carbon dioxide is heavier than air, and extra! Many experiments contain principles scholars can use for his or her technology reasonable.

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Add several inches of water to a dishpan in a sink. Then fill a graduated cylinder with water, cover the top of the cylinder with a cardboard square, hold the square firmly against the cylinder as you invert it and place it in the pan of water, as shown in Figure 7a. Have your partner hold the cylinder in place while you put the neck of an inflated balloon under the mouth of the graduated cylinder in the dishpan. Partially release the neck of an inflated balloon so that bubbles of air rise up the graduated cylinder (see Figure 7b).

Does temperature affect the amount of solute that can dissolve in water? How do solvents other than water behave? Will liquids dissolve in other liquids? What is viscosity? You can find the answers to these questions and many more by doing the experiments in this chapter. 1 Experimenting With Solutions Materials: sugar measuring teaspoon spoon 2 drinking glasses water measuring cup card or ruler cold water hot water kosher salt Can you dissolve as much solid as you want in water, or is there a limit?

Why does rain fall in separate rounded drops? Why do soap bubbles close up as they are blown free of a bubble blowing wand? Surface tension, a property of all liquids, is responsible for these familiar behaviors. Surface tension causes a liquid to act as if it has a thin, slightly elastic film on its surface. All bodies of water—oceans, lakes, filled bathtubs, cups of water—behave as if this thin film were covering them. Besides explaining certain effects that we see around us, surface tension also provides useful information during certain scientific investigations.

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