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By Madeline Goodstein, Robert Gardner, Barbara Gardner Conklin

What does physics need to do together with your favourite activity? Use baseball, basketball, soccer, and different activities to benefit in regards to the technology in the back of sports–the Magnus impression, topspin and backspin, middle of gravity, and extra! lots of those high-interest activities experiments can be utilized to encourage scholars to take part in a technological know-how reasonable undertaking.

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Repeat on the other arm. Put one arm across your chest at shoulder height. With your other hand, push the arm at the elbow into your body and hold. Repeat with the opposite arm. Slowly roll your shoulder joints in circles, both forward and backward. Then do circles with elbows bent and upper arms circling with the shoulders (see Figure 1a). Finally do full, slow vertical circles with your arms (see Figure 1b). FIGURE 1: Stretching the arms and shoulders STRETCHING WAIST Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, left hand on left hip and right hand extended above your head, bend slowly at the waist to the left.

Which puck traveled faster, the one you were carrying on your stick or the one your friend passed? Design an experiment to measure the speed of the puck you carried on your stick and the speed of the one your friend passed. Remember: Speed is distance divided by time. 4 How to Kick a Football the Maximum Distance Materials: football football field with lines garden hose or a high-powered squirt gun cardboard protractor level surface, such as a stand, garden table, or seesaw support a friend tape measure, meterstick, or yardstick marker A football team’s punter must know how to make a punt travel different distances.

Be sure to cool down after exercising (see p. 12). After warming up and stretching, do your enjoyable aerobic exercise for 30 minutes three to four times a week. To make sure you are working aerobically during your exercise, take your pulse at least once during the activity. For aerobic exercise, your heart rate should be 60 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate, which is 220 minus your age. Therefore, a fifteen-year-old would have an aerobic heart rate of approximately 123 to 174. 85 × 205 = 174 You can check to see if you are at your target aerobic heart rate during exercise by stopping briefly to take your pulse for 10 seconds and multiplying by 6.

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