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By David Hopkins

This selection of essays experiences contemporary paintings in Anatolia. Many papers talk about Hittite faith and tradition, together with the 1st English-language dialogue, by way of Peter Neve, of the nice Temple at Hattusa. Others evaluation paintings at later websites together with Aphrodisias and Sardis.

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1983 Excavations at Tell Leilan and the Origins of North Mesopotamian Cities in the Third Millennium BC. Paléorient 9:39–52. 1986 The Origins of Tell Leilan and the Conquest of Space in the Third Millennium North Mesopotamia. Pp. 71–108 in The Origins of Cities in DryFarming Syria and Mesopotamia in the Third Millennium BC, edited by H. Weiss. Guilford, CT: Four Quarters Publishing. 1990 Tell Leilan 1989: New Data from Mid Third Millennium Urbanization and State Formation. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft 122:193–218.

Room with passage to the outside that encloses a second smaller room that only has passage to the larger room illustrate asymmetry. Relative asymmetry (RA) is a statistical measure of the degree of symmetry or asymmetry that a building (or other construction) possesses. One theoretical extreme is a case in which each space leads only to one additional space, forming a long, unilinear sequence. To get to the space furthest from the entrance, one would have to pass through all the other spaces. At the other extreme is a construction in which every space contains a passage to outside (Hillier and Hanson 1984:15).

Thus, Hittite industries had some strategic advantages over the lowland empires by their immediate access to metalliferous deposits, forest supplies, and abundant game. Clearly a large number of areas to the south such as Kizzuwatna, elusive Tarhuntassa, and the “Silver Mountain”˘Taurus and Amanus ranges were quickly integrated into the empire. This suggests that re35 source procurement was important. By commanding priority rights over these resources, the Hittites had an economic risk strategy that provided insurance in times of imperial financial difficulties.

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