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After the ship had left New Orleans, the camera crew realized they had forgotten the proper equipment, forcing the director of photography to shoot the entire film with the wrong lenses. It was released with little fanfare as The Unsinkable Shecky Moskowitz and quickly faded into obscurity. ” It did contain several moments of twentythree-year-old Sandler performing some of his earliest stand-up material, but that alone was not enough to save a film most people considered a waste of time. They’re All Gonna Laugh at You!

He did not care for the way print journalists would be cordial toward him during interviews when he was publicizing a project but wrote scathing comments when the interviews were published. Often these same interviewers would review his films and likened the experience to everything from root canal to a lobotomy. “The press didn’t really give him any respect,” explained friend Chris Rock. ” 54 Big Daddy The project Sandler was working on when The Waterboy broke box-office records was called Big Daddy.

One such character he created was Cajun Man. ” 30 Life at SNL Adam Sandler still recalls his days at SNL with great fondness. When writers Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller interviewed him for their book Live from New York, Sandler spoke nostalgically about his experiences on the show and how it shaped his life: Backstage with Chris Rock, [Chris] Farley, [David] Spade was the best. Nothing was better than having a read-through. You stayed up all Tuesday night—all of us did that—and then we’d do the readthrough and you wouldn’t know what was getting on the show but you’d have an hour or so while those guys [Lorne Michaels and the other producers] were figuring it out.

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