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By Sandor, Arthur G. Erdman

Sr/grad point textual content for a moment path in mechanisms, kinematics or computing device dynamics.

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26 The unit for dynamic viscosity in the SI system is newton-seconds per square meter, or pascal-seconds (Ns/m2 = Pa-s). How can that unit be rewritten using the basic relationships described by Newton’s law for force and acceleration? 33 The mass of a car is 1346 kg. The four passengers in the car weigh 643 N, 738 N, 870 N, and 896 N. 349 kg. Calculate the total weight and mass of the car, including the passengers and water, using four significant figures. 26 is newton-seconds per square meter (N-s/m2 ) and the kinematic viscosity is defined as the dynamic viscosity divided by the fluid density.

The load can also be classified with respect to the area over which it is applied: 1. 4. An example would be the contact between a caster and a support beam on a mechanical crane, where the contact area is around 100 times smaller than the surface area of the caster. For these cases, the applied force can be considered to act at a point on the surface. 2. Distributed load — Load is spread along a large area. An example would be the weight of books on a bookshelf. Loads can be further classified with respect to location and method of application.

Summary This chapter introduced the concept of design as it applies to machines and machine elements. The most important goal of the design process is to ensure that the design does not fail. To avoid failure, the design engineer must predict the circumstances under which failure is first likely to occur. These circumstances or criteria can involve the material properties and applied loads, as well as surface phenomena, including friction, wear, lubrication, and environmental deterioration. The concept of failure was quantified by using a safety factor, which is the ratio of the allowable stress established for the material to the maximum design stress that will oc- 17 Significant Figures cur.

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