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Apple has lately published the iPod picture, a fourth iteration (4G) iPod able to exhibiting colour photographs. With its new stronger colour reveal, now you can do greater than ever together with your iPod - it really is not only a song participant. when you are the proud proprietor of the hot iPod picture you can be wanting to be aware of all of the cool issues are so you might do along with your new toy. This eDoc contains many helpful suggestions and tips for utilizing your iPod picture.

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Figure 2-40. Downloading media files from all subscribed podcasts All images downloaded would be copied to iPhoto (see Figure 2-41). Figure 2-41. Viewing the downloaded photos in iPhoto 31 32 To copy the images to your iPod photo, you simply need to configure iTunes to synchronize the photos from iPhoto. You can now view the images from the podcasts on your iPod photo! If a weblog supports both audio and images, you can download both types of files to your iPod photo and view a multimedia slideshow on your iPod photo!

With a microphone attached to the iPod photo, you can record a 6-second audio stream. You can then play back the recorded stream (see Figure 2-47). Figure 2-47. Recording and playing back a record audio stream Another interesting feature is the hard disk info (see Figure 2-48). It shows the maker and size of the hard disk as well as the current temperature of the drive. Figure 2-48. Displaying hard disk information on the iPod photo 35 36 Chapter 3. Accessories In this final chapter, I will take a look at some accessories you can use together with your iPod photo.

Ensure that you are running the correct version of the iPod Updater. You should see the iPod icon with the red circle with a slash in it. Figure 2-43. Using the iPod Updater • Connect your iPod photo to your Mac and click on the Restore button to reformat your iPod photo (see Figure 2-44). Figure 2-44. Use the iPod Updater to update or restore your iPod photo 33 34 Your iPod photo is now back to its original settings. You need to connect it to iTunes to synchronize all the songs and photos again.

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