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Traditional nuelear medieine proeedures examine the dis tribution of radiolabelled eompounds (radiopharmaeeutieals) within the physique less than physiologieal in addition to less than pathologieal eonditions. Beeause in their skill to visua lise and to quantify the distribution of radiopharmaeeuti eals in the physique through exterior deteetors, nuelear medieine teehniques are basieally non invasive and funetion orientated. The spatial version of the traeer distribution within the box of view, or the ehange in distribution in the course of a time period are interpreted as representing speeifie phy siologie or pathophysiologie approaches. As eompared to different diagnostie imaging teehniques, the spatial solution of seintigraphie pictures is very negative, their temporal resolu tion is sweet. Faetors that would for that reason make sure the final word diag nostie worth of a seintigraphie research inelude 1. The speeifieity of the labelled eompounds for the method below learn, 2. The solution in time and area of the instrumentation, and its skill of measuring quantitatively tissue aetivity eoneentrations, three. The formula of physiologieal or pathophysiologieal versions from whieh the distribution of the traeer ean be predieted. 2 whereas reading nuclear medication info, the interrelations among those elements should still completely stay below consi deration. The generalised use of minicomputers has ended in significant advances in details processing in nuclear drugs imaging tactics. critical to this can be picture digitisation.

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21). As the relative contribution of the higher harmonics is at least in part due asymmetry in the time/activity curves, to the we investigated the effects of cycle length on the second harmonic amplitude and phase images. 22). When the basic period equals the heart period, a substantial amount of information is stiil displayed in the second harmonic images. If the basic period is vari ed to exclude the diastasis frames, the power in the higher harmonics can be reduced (17). At the present time no experimental data are available which allow to attribute a specific physiological interpretation to the information present in the second or higher harmonics.

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