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Analysing Newspapers presents scholars of journalism, communique reports and discourse research with a scientific, discourse-based framework for the severe research of newspaper reporting. Assuming no past wisdom of discursive idea, the booklet explores how the language of journalism works--its strength, its functionality and its results. utilizing wide-ranging and hugely topical case reports and examples, scholars are proven discourse research of journalism "in action". opting for and exploring key linguistic recommendations and instruments, Richardson offers a close creation to a realistic version of serious discourse research which scholars may be in a position to practice to their very own newspaper study.

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By now, Kayhan had ‘demonstrated such vacillation in its political stance that no large group of its readers would rise up in its defence. ’ Most of the Association’s founding members were from amongst the administrative staff. Of the rest, several were highly paid technical supervisors, and one had been a close associate of the paper’s owner, Senator Mesbahzadeh, who was now in exile. 73 At their first meeting with the journalists,74 the Association asked them to ‘ally themselves with the Moslem nation’s demands, to learn a lesson from the fall in the paper’s circulation’, and to prevent the collapse of the paper that was ‘providing thousands of people with their daily bread’.

The 1 per cent minority’ Kayhan was then targeted by protesters associated with other factions within the new regime, including the business community in the Tehran bazaar and the clerical establishment in Qom. Some protests would be over inaccurate reports, others over material which the Islamic regime considered provocative. One of the biggest such protests followed Kayhan’s report of a speech by Ayatollah Khomeini on 6 March, in which he had attacked Mr Bazargan’s government, saying members of the cabinet had taken up residence in palaces and the ministries were full of ‘naked women’, and decreeing that female civil servants should wear the Islamic hijab at work.

The ban on the screening of women without hijab also meant that very few movies or TV series could be shown. 33 As the head of the national radio and television, however, Mr Qotbzadeh frequently attacked the press in broadcast speeches which, in turn, were followed by press attacks on him. 34 The next morning, a crowd gathered outside the Ettela’at headquarters to protest against the article, copies of which the protesters had torn to pieces and hung from tree branches. Among their chants was a call for the execution of the writer.

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