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Nuclear Magnetic Shieldings and Molecular Structure

Sleek techniques to the theoretical computation and experimental decision of NMR protective tensors are defined in twenty-nine papers according to lectures provided on the NATO ARW. the entire most well liked computational equipment are reviewed and up to date growth is defined of their program to chemical, biochemical, geochemical and fabrics technological know-how difficulties.

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First chemical characterization of the new Polish meteorite “Baszkówka” by neutron activation analysis, Chem. Anal. (Warsaw) 44 (1999) 471–484. , The investigation of genetic relationship between the Baszkówka and Mt. Tazerzait chondrites by NAA and other methods, Chem. Anal. (Warsaw) 46 (2001) 477–488. , A study on chemical composition of Baszkówka and Mt. Tazerzait chondrites, Geol. Q. 45 (2001) 289–301. Part I 23 Study of the migration behaviour of uranium in reactive barriers C. SEGEBADE, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Berlin, Germany Problem A radioindicator technique was used to investigate the migration behaviour of uranyl ions in layers containing adsorptive agents mixed with sand.

The comparison of concentrations of individual elements in the Baszkówka and Mount Tazerzait meteorites is shown in Fig. 2. 9982). e. 9997. Thus we could conclude that the Baszkówka and Mount Tazerzait meteorites have practically identical chemical compositions and it is almost certain that they have a common parent body. On the other hand, while both meteorites are more similar to L chondrites than to any other group of meteorites, there are some features which indicate their difference from the population of L chondrites known until now.

Examples of correlation plots of the element contents of two kinds of china pottery that clearly show differences in the raw materials used and different areas of production. A. VASCONCELLOS, Radiochemistry Division, Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares, São Paulo, Brazil Problem Intensive gold exploration activities started in Brazil in the 1980s in the Amazon region. Ever since that time, awareness of the dangers of environmental contamination posed by the disposal of the metallic mercury used for the extraction of gold by amalgamation has been increasing among the general public and the authorities [1].

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