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By Norman Kretzmann (auth.), John Corcoran (eds.)

During the final part century there was progressive growth in good judgment and in logic-related components resembling linguistics. HistoricaI wisdom of the origins of those topics has additionally elevated considerably. therefore, it will look that the matter of deciding on the level to which historic logical and linguistic theories admit of actual interpretation in sleek phrases is now ripe for research. the aim of the symposium was once to collect logicians, philosophers, linguists, mathematicians and philologists to give learn effects pertaining to the above challenge with emphasis on good judgment. displays and discussions on the symposium targeted themselves into 5 parts: historic semantics, smooth study in historic good judgment, Aristotle's good judgment, Stoic good judgment, and instructions for destiny examine in historic common sense and logic-related parts. Seven of the papers which seem under have been initially offered on the symposium. In each case, dialogue on the symposium ended in revisions, sometimes to huge revisions. The editor instructed nonetheless additional revisions, yet in each case the writer was once the finaljudge of the paintings that looks less than his name.

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6. It is unlikely that all types of phenomena admit of a fruitful distinctive feature analysis. The method does not, for example, seem fruitfully applicable either to mechanics or to formallogie. Admitting of a distinctive feature analysis may be a distinctive feature of some types of linguistic phenomena. 7. In phonology there are, theoretically, a finite number of articulatory and acoustic dimensions along which spoken sound ean vary. In the phonemic analysis of a given language, each phonological dimension is either relevant or irrelevant for the identification of given phonemes, and the relevant dimensions, or features, are either positive or negative.

The phrase OlOV 91')pirov 'ofbeasts, for example', provides one example of åypaJlJlatot 'l'ocpm. lJla't'a. Some [creatures] emit noise, some are voice1ess, some letterless .. , At a later date, in [Pseudo-] AristotIe, Problems (895a) 'letterless' speech is imputed to both beasts and young children: 0Jlo{roe; oE ol 't'e naioee; Kai tU 9T]pia oT]A-oucrtv: ou yap nro ouoe 't'u natoia cp9syyov't'

IO The Peripatetics, intent upon defending Aristotle, claimed tha t the argument is reallya categoricai syllogism : 42 IAN MUELLER (A) Things equal to the same thing are also equal to one another; CA and CB are things equal to the same thing; therefore CA and CB are equal to each other. H What is the minor term of this 'syllogism'? , the pair (CA, CB). The modem analysis, according to which the the minor premiss and the conclusion each assert that a certain relation holds between two subjects CA and CB, seems more natural than one according to which the premiss and the conclusion each assert a property of a pair taken as a single thing.

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