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Young children will love studying all in regards to the human physique during this unique e-book that units bodies within the context of the animal country. every one part examines a selected quarter of the human physique - our eyes, our nostril, our dermis -explains what it truly is for, after which compares it with the physique elements of alternative animals. the dimensions of our mind, the power of our eyesight, and our skill to speak are all checked out in the course of the lens of the animal country as an entire. through taking a look at the our bodies of alternative animals we'll achieve a greater figuring out of our personal!

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R r r Pr Lions live together in mixed groups called prides. There are usually two to three males, up to twelve females, and lots of cubs. 36 Animal families Some baby animals never see their parents, but many others stay with their parents until they are ready to look after themselves—just as humans do. Young ostriches are protected by adult males. The strongest male looks after several families. Hello Animal! A beehive is a fa mily. T queen lays the eg he gs. Her daughters ar e worker bees. Baby elephants are cared for by their mothers and by their aunts.

They need lots of rest because their bodies take a long time to digest their food. 43 Record holders Fastest, slowest, toothiest, brainiest—here are some amazing animal record breakers. Which record do we hold? co 12 m/h 0k ). bl Th e e is th longest p ois o us long. 6 m). e c n il ge h, tm ot at t (3 h are t ns ) across. Huma s. 1 ga 6 in to no est fur of any war m up moth is th Atlas e la rge s slo ft 18 to The dr ag on fl km/h). the The (85 s ha largest anim is the al, oth is th d sl e ammal, m ov x ue le ha w e to st m we Size ( fo to 5 3m up to nting n g Ar cti c 75 m ph m al.

A caterpillar hatches from the egg. At this stage, it has no wings. Animal ! Baby emp eror an blue and w gelfish are hite have yellow ; adults stripes. A cocoon, or chrysalis, is spun by the caterpillar. Inside, the caterpillar’s body changes shape. A butterfly eventually appears out of the cocoon. Its wings unfurl, ready to... .. f way! ly a Flamingos have small, straight beaks when they hatch. In a few weeks, their beaks grow fast, until they are long and curved, like their parents’. llo! e H Frogs start life as frog spawn— a mass of eggs covered in jelly.

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