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When she screamed, Larry withdrew his hand. . He tried repeatedly for an opportunity to snatch the rusk; but Sophie did not give him a chance. Finally, he walked away disappointed. , p. 571) Small children are capable of pity when they can identify with the feelings of the victim, and may attempt to console or comfort another child; for example, ‘Violet (2 years 4 months) sat in a corner crying. , p. 572). They may also help each other, on the basis of identifying with the other’s need. Rose, (19 months) sat at a table and drank her cocoa.

Terry scratched Agnes. Agnes got up, still holding on to the dog, and pulled Terry’s hair. , pp. 565–566) Observation 45 At first the child does not realise what harm he can do to another child; for example, ‘Larry (16 months) often took a toy away from another child. , p. 567). Next he realises that the other child is harmed, but this does not bother him, and he may even enjoy it. , pp. 567– 568). Dick (2 years 3 months) was in a phase of special aggressiveness toward other children. The expression on his face left no doubt about his enjoyment of every kind of hurt which he was able to inflict on others.

It seemed that Tony did come to like the idea of his prospective new mother, and he talked of going home to father and her after the war. He continued to improve, including being less clinging and demanding with Sister Mary, for example, sending her away more quickly to have her own supper after she had put him to bed. He made good friendships with other boys, and enjoyed all the occupations offered by the nursery school, workshop and garden. He was eager to enter primary school. Then in April 1943, when Tony was aged 4 and 3 months, his father visited unexpectedly, bringing with him a different woman whom he had recently married, with no prior warning or explanation to Tony.

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