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By Thomas Gallagher

“An fascinating and dramatic episode.”―Library Journal

“Cliff-hanging suspense.”―Christian technology Monitor

Assault in Norway is the vintage account of a mythical raid at the Nazi struggle software. through 1942 Germany had a likely insurmountable lead over the Allies in constructing an atomic bomb. Contributing to this example used to be its entry to a very important element: “heavy water,” present in nice abundance at a fortresslike manufacturing unit in occupied Norway. Allied hopes of stalling the Nazi nuclear software quickly all for sabotaging the cliffside plant―a suicidal project. yet a staff of courageous Norwegian exiles, knowledgeable in Britain, infiltrated their native land and, hiding within the wilds, awaited the chance to release one of many war's such a lot bold commando raids.

Basing his gripping narrative largely on interviews with the commandos themselves, Thomas Gallagher recounts in shiny element the making plans and execution of Operation Gunnerside. Assault in Norway recollects the intrigue present in such wartime classics as David Howarth's We Die Alone and The Sledge Patrol, and the venture it recounts encouraged the 1965 Hollywood movie The Heroes of Telemark.

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The competition for the Washington Cup was to be talked about opening, so that anyone who had contact with the force—the cooks, the quartermasters, the workshop personnel—would be fully convinced by the story. When Combined Operations turned to SOE for advice, the Norwegian Section objected to the plan on the grounds that it was ill-conceived and susceptible to too many failures at too many stages in its operation. Wilson and Tronstad pointed out the following: Of all countries, Norway is the least suitable for glider operations.

The urgency of the Churchill-Roosevelt meeting was underscored by the fact that in Germany, in December of 1938, an original experiment under the direction of the German physicist Otto Hahn had led to the discovery of atomic fission. This made a self-sustained, chain-reacting uranium pile at least a theoretical possibility, and it was known that the Germans had continued their experiments. Within a few months, physicists throughout the world were informing their respective governments that Hahn’s discovery might lead to an unprecedented production of power and to superexplosives.

Leif Tronstad, Thor Viten. In Britain: Major-General Sir Colin Gubbins, Anthony Land, Patricia Myers, Sir Michael w. Perrin, Michael Randolph, Margaret Wilson. In Canada: Mrs. Sven Hurum, Jan H. Reimers, Einar Skinnarland. In the United States: Alicia Boyd, Samuel A. Goudsmit, Walter Hunt, John D. Knowlton, Walter B. , Edward J. Reese. ASSAULT IN NORWAY 1 ON THE NIGHT OF JUNE 17, 1942, WINSTON CHURCHILL BOARDED A Boeing flying boat and left Britain on what in retrospect may have been the most important mission of world war II.

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