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In Athens and the Cyclades: financial techniques 540-314 BC, Brian Rutishauser examines the historical past and financial system of the island zone referred to as the Cyclades through the past due 6th to past due fourth centuries BC. whereas definite points of geography within the Cyclades remained consistent via historical Greek background, the islanders have been capable of adapt to altering stipulations and to altering hegemony imposed from outdoor the area, as a way to bring up financial prosperity.

By the time of the Persian Wars a lot of those islands had their very own naval forces, coinage, and enormous structure. throughout the 5th century Athens tested a naval hegemony over the zone, which positioned an finish to those practices. till the Peloponnesian conflict, the Athenians maintained balance yet redirected wealth generated from trade and the export of neighborhood island items throughout the cost of tribute and different kinds of taxation. the tip of the Peloponnesian conflict observed a interval of Spartan rule, via a resurgence of Athenian energy and a interval of moving hegemonies. throughout the moment half the fourth century, the various Cyclades renewed neighborhood enormous development and the difficulty of neighborhood coinage. The Cyclades could have prospered in this interval because of their mutual fiscal pursuits with Athens, a symbiotic courting which continued after the cave in of the second one Athenian League to the tip of Athenian keep watch over of the temple of Delian Apollo.

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125 Renfrew 1975, 19. 126 Although useful, this analysis should not be pressed too far. 128 Moreover, the relationship between the Cyclades and Athens during the fourth century may pose similar problems for this ‘centralplace’ concept, since Athens was unable to achieve the same level of lasting political hegemony. 129 CYCLADIC POPULATION ESTIMATES Most modern estimates of the population of Aegean islands in antiquity have been relatively low. 130 This gives such totals as 3,200 for Amorgos, 19,200 for Andros, and 21,330 for Naxos.

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