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Or one that had been disconnected. Nic’s teeth tightened in sad frustration. Again, moving clockwise, they searched two rooms before Nic heard another sound. He stopped so fast, his buddy slammed into him. ” Nic asked. ” Nic pointed with his chin. ” Sam raised the camera. ” The noise came again, a mewling cry. ” Sam shifted the viewfinder into Nic’s line of sight. ” Nic wasted no breath on the exultant shout that formed inside him. Handing off the nozzle to his partner, Nic approached the crib and had the crying child in his arms in seconds.

Dear Lord, help. My mind is so scattered right now. As though someone had asked for his input, Nic said, “You need some time to think. ” Grasping that tiny bit of good sense, Cassidy nodded. He was right. She was running on fumes and emotion. How could she make an intelligent decision about Alex’s future in this condition? Grandmother did not agree. “The sooner you settle things, the better. You have a busy career and Alexander has nowhere to go. ” “Grandmother, please,” she interrupted before Eleanor could begin her diatribe on the supreme sacrifice she’d made when Cassidy’s parents died.

Comprehension and a heavy dose of compassion registered behind the nurse’s glasses. She knew baby Alex was an orphan now. An orphan. Oh no. Could she live through this torment again? She’d already lost her parents. Janna had been her family, her best friend, her sister. They’d had each other when life had been too hard to bear. Cassidy closed her eyes and swayed. The nurse looped an arm gently through hers. “I’ll walk you down. ” Devastated. Devastated. Like a recording stuck on repeat, words reverberated and replayed in her head.

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