Download Bead Metamorphosis: Exquisite Jewelry from Custom Components by Lisa Kan PDF

By Lisa Kan

Attractive bead-woven jewellery that's convertible, reversible, or interchangeable.

Delight in a spectrum of sixteen bead weaving tasks in Bead Metamorphosis. Create appealing bead-woven rings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches—all of which rework by means of disassembling, reassembling, reversing, or interchanging separate beadwork components.

Author Lisa Kan is understood for her based and female bead-woven jewellery layout that frequently beneficial properties leaves, faceted stones, and different romantic thrives. Now she applies her trademark sort to a jewellery assortment that includes peyote, herringbone, right-angle weave, netting, and different bead stitches. See how beaded parts remodel from basic to complicated by means of altering the beadwork, altering the colours, or including layered elaborations. rules and proposal for a number of diversifications will bring about new metamorphoses, as you create gorgeous jewellery layout with a number of seems to be.

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