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B. For the left-side bearing, also find the P, V , and PV values for the radial bearing (in imperial units) and determine if the radial bearing can operate with sintered bronze bearing material. Summary of data for left bearing: Fr ¼ 1200 lbf Fa ¼ 0:5Fr ¼ 600 lbf D ¼ 1 in: ¼ 0:083 ft ðjournal diameterÞ D1 ¼ 1:2 in: ¼ 0:1ft ðshoulder diameterÞ N ¼ 1000 RPM Solution a. Thrust Bearing Calculation of Average Pressure, P. The average pressure, P, in the axial 24 Chapter 1 direction is, P¼ Fa A where p A ¼ ðD21 À D2 Þ 4 This is the shoulder area that supports the thrust load.

There is uneven thermal expansion of the journal and bearing, and under certain circumstances the clearance can be completely eliminated, resulting in bearing seizure. Bearing seizure poses a higher risk than wear, since the failure is catastrophic. This is the motivation for much research aimed at reducing start-up friction. According to hydrodynamic theory, a very thin fluid film is generated even at low journal speed. But in practice, due to surface roughness, vibrations, and disturbances, a certain high minimum speed is required to generate an adequate film thickness so that occasional contacts and wear between the sliding surfaces are prevented.

The pitch circle diameter of the small gear is equal to 5 in. and that of the large gear is of 15 in. a. Find the axial reaction force on each of the two gears and the resultant axial force on each of the two bearings supporting the shaft. b. Find the three load components on each gear, Ft , Fr , and Fa . Solution Given: Helix angle Pressure angle Rotational speed Power Diameter of pitch circle (small) Diameter of pitch circle (large) c ¼ 30 f ¼ 20 N ¼ 3600 RPM 10 kW dP1 ¼ 5 in: dP2 ¼ 15 in: Small Gear a.

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