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He opened the door and walked out to the parking lot, looking back and forth, checking to see if anyone was lurking about who might spot him. But then again, who’d be coming or going at a motel at this hour? It would have to be another pillar of the community like he was. Still, this was a moment when his stomach tightened. ) without some local yokel spotting him and screaming out— “Jesus H. Christ! There’s our ever-lovin’ mayor! Now what in the hell do you think he’s doing here? You don’t suppose .

Of course, that was to be expected. All that water just sitting there, flat against a stone wall. It makes for a strange and powerful wave action. Without the gradual slope of a shoreline to stop the actual waves, to break the little fuckers, it could get incredibly choppy. In a storm it probably sprayed right onto the roadway. ) He slowed and looked around for a place to park his Land Rover. But outside the Overlook, there didn’t seem to be anyplace to stop and walk around. He wanted to look at the lake, and also look over the wall, on the other side, to the plaza at the bottom of the dam.

Emily! Something’s wrong. ” He waited. Could she hear him through all the trees? ” He heard the leaves rustle with the sudden breeze. Great. Well, he knew he could tread water a long time if he had to. If he couldn’t get to shore, for whatever screwy reason, he’d tread water till Emily came back looking for him, until— beneath still waters 37 What was that? He felt something around his feet, just barely touching his toes. Probably a small pumpkin seed swimming around. The lake was filled with the tiny fish.

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