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The main to profitable training is getting ready your gamers to make clever judgements at the box. For years, the best-selling talents & concepts for training football has helped coaches of each point just do that. Now, soccer's leading training source has been up to date and improved to supply you with extra insights into constructing person expertise, crew strategies, and profitable play.

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Is not a motto that applies in the weight room. If a lift is performed with poor technique, such as not going to parallel in the squat, the repetition should not count. When the technique of the correct number of sets and reps has been judged perfect, the athlete may increase the weight by 5 pounds (2 kilograms) for the workout the following week. This system is amazing for producing great technique early on. 1 on p. 42). If you really get after it, about one out of five students will graduate by the end of the seventh grade.

Power Clean Athletes should perform two sets of five reps each. Use these judging criteria: ■■ Arched lower back. In the starting position, the lower back should be locked in. ■■ Acceleration. The athlete should pull the bar off the floor slowly and then jump with the bar close to the body. Elbows should be high, with the chin away from the chest. ■■ Catch position. The athlete must rack the bar to deltoids properly and be in an athletic position. Racking the barbell properly involves resting the bar on the shoulders with the elbows high and the hands relaxed to reduce the stress on the wrists and elbows.

Finally, consider that not all athletes have to be at peak conditioning during the in-season. Some athletes are red-shirted, and many freshmen will have little opportunity to play. Why not work those athletes harder in the weight room to give them a head start for the next year? Mark Eaton, a former center for the Utah Jazz, broke 275 personal records during his rookie year using the BFS program. Mark later became an NBA all-star and two-time defensive player of the year. So get going! It’s fun to get stronger.

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