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Within the culture of home tasks and Tinkers, award-winning Swedish writer Anne Swärd's American debut blends the lyricism of adlescent with the darker wishes of age.

Lo used to be simply six whilst she met thirteen-year-old Lukas the evening a brushfire threatened their group. either the youngsters of immigrants, either wild with love for the land, theirs used to be a simple friendship regardless of the fierce injunctions of Lo's kin. assembly in mystery at an deserted lake condominium, they whiled away their summers within the water and their winters curled up within, reenacting discussion from their favourite movie, Breathless.

How a friendship so blameless and pure—and so strictly forbidden—could be destroyed is a secret that unfolds throughout Lo's travels from Berlin to Copenhagen to long island, from tryst to tryst, as she turns out fated to roam the skin global she blames for tearing her and Lukas aside. Haunting, resonant, packed with humor and heartrending intensity, Breathless explores how early life acts can stake an unimpeachable declare on our older selves, and the way atonement can be wrest from the previous.

True Cross

Paul Tatum is a small-town accountant. He stands at a snug get rid of from the remainder of the area, even from his consumers, who belief him to make monetary, occasionally emotional, experience in their lives. His neighbor Stoney, an area fix-it guy, is much more of a recluse. Their "friendship" is composed regularly of nonverbal companionship, but if the 2 males turn into fixated on an area damsel in misery, Paul goads Stoney into an inexorable plan of action that might have tragic results for all.

The Medieval Poet as Voyeur. Looking and Listening in Medieval Love-Narratives

Whereas love is deepest, and in medieval literature specifically is obvious as not easy secrecy, to inform tales approximately it's to make it public. taking a look, frequently observed through listening, is the ability through which love is introduced into the general public realm and during which criminal facts of adulterous love may be acquired.

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