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A trigger level of 10% (lowest grey values) excludes areas that are not covered by corneocytes. Anatomy of the Skin Surface 11 FIGURE 12 Scaling index, percent area covered, and grey-level class distribution in a D-Squame1 of dry (above) and normal (below) skin. 08. In very dry skin, scales of all thickness groups are found. In nondry skin, almost all scales belong to group 1 with the lowest grey levels. Few belong to group 2. Thicker scales of groups from 3 to 5 are not found at all. This image analytical method is a valuable tool to assess xerosis vulgaris, or xerosis induced by soaps, irradiation, tape stripping, etc.

Examples and Results In this chapter, some examples and results from our work on the combination of different skin imaging modalities are presented. In Figure 2, the scanners that were included in the studies are shown. Skin lesions are imaged with separate VD/ ELM, HFUS, and OCT imaging systems in the clinical bioengineering lab. Furthermore, we have conducted a study to compare HR-MRI with HFUS (18). An experimental prototype system for skin elastography with HFUS was implemented and evaluated in a preliminary study (19–21).

The density of follicles has received little attention in the literature. , the leg with about 50/cm2 (44). In the face, the density of follicles decreases from centrofacial (alae nasi and nose: 1200/cm2; to lateral preauricular: 460 cm2) (42). There is little interindividual variation. On the scalp, a decline in follicular density with aging has been observed. This is particularly marked in androgenetic alopecia (45). Skin Color Skin color is influenced by a variety of factors, including blood flow, scaling, and skin surface lipids.

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