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By Max Allan Collins

Early one quiet Monday morning, in an empty government place of work, assistant Janice Denard starts to arrange for one more usual day - yet as an alternative discovers proof of awful crimes, stunning images left deserted in a printer. Now, with assistance from the LVPD's desktop forensics specialists, the CSI staff needs to tune via and software program, deception and deceit to discover the perpetrators. yet whereas Willows and Stokes examine the as soon as well-hidden secrets and techniques now published in print, Grissom, Brown, and Sidle discover new and worrying proof in a high-profile media case...the brutal homicide of the Mayor's long-missing secretary.

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Thanks, Jim," he said softly, sincerely. " "Brian," Brass said, his voice remarkably gentle considering all the contention that had existed between these two, "you do know that you'll have to recuse yourself from the case. " Anthony took a step forward and stopped when he realized he had nowhere else to go, an angry terrier on a short leash. "Why the hell should he recuse himself? " Moments before, the campaign manager had wanted to know why they were bothering the sheriff with this triviality.

O'Riley made a little face-repartee was not his long suit-and fell in step with them and the trio made their way to the front door where Tomas Nunez watched the last of the computer equipment being loaded into the truck. Twenty-nine computers, thirty counting Newcombe's laptop, and all the zip disks, CDs, floppies and tape backups that Nunez could find, were piled into the back of the Ryder. It was a haul that came close to filling the rental truck. " Nick asked. "That's the load," Nunez said.

Now comes the hard part-we take all this stuff back to the lab and dig in. " "Good to hear," Catherine said, exhaustion in her voice. Janice Denard walked out to join them in the parking lot. " Catherine said. " Denard held out two open, empty hands. " She shook her head. "By the time he called, I was with you. " Catherine nodded. " "Gary Randle," Denard said. " Looking at his watch, Nick said, "He's not back? " Denard shrugged. "Meeting could have run long-typical in the ad game. " Another shrug.

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