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By John B. Arden, Lloyd Linford

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281) states that ‘‘a brain on antidepressants can be brought back from a state of isolation from the outside world and encouraged, even forced, to learn. The brain, in other words, is duped into being plastic by these treatments’’ (emphasis added). Many serotonin fibers terminate in a part of the brain called the amygdala, which encodes incoming perceptual data with emotional coloring. Serotonin actually excites the GABA cells—and GABA has an inhibitory effect—increasing the inhibiting influence of these cells on projection neurons.

The right cerebral cortex (for the vast majority of right handers and a large percentage of left handers) is the so-called nondominant or subordinate hemisphere because it lacks a capacity for language. This is not to say that the RH is completely devoid of language; there is evidence that it appreciates a good paradox and a well-chosen metaphor. It plays an important role in that aspect of language referred to as pragmatics, which include prosody (poetry and the rhythms and inflections of speech), nonverbal behaviors, and perceptions.

2001, p. , 2004). These images of c01_1 09/29/2008 17 Brain-Based Therapy 17 the effects of psychological treatment indicate that psychotherapy and antidepressant therapy work in different and complementary ways to help the patient. Evidence that talk therapy results in measurable neurodynamic change in the brain has the potential for creating a different way of diagnosing psychological distress and building bridges between psychology and the more biologically oriented disciplines, almost a century after Freud inadvertently severed the two.

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