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ICT in Education in Global Context: Emerging Trends Report 2013-2014

This e-book provides the present advances and rising developments in electronic applied sciences for studying and schooling via a couple of invited chapters on key examine components. It addresses details and communications expertise (ICT) in an international context, reporting on rising traits and matters in 4 parts – uncomplicated schooling, technical and vocational schooling, distance and carrying on with schooling and better schooling –, as those 4 parts characterize the first contexts within which ICT is used to help studying and guideline.

Education as Civic Engagement: Toward a More Democratic Society

A set of the best works of scholarship analyzing schooling - normally larger schooling - as civic engagement released over the past decade in JAC, an award-winning magazine of rhetoric, politics, and tradition.

The State, Schooling and Identity: Diversifying Education in Europe

This publication deals insights into the connection among countryside and schooling through problematizing and examining the assumed straightforwardness of the position of schooling and education. putting the difficulty in very modern contested countryside constructions like Scotland, Catalonia, Ukraine and Belgium.

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