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A compilation of writings by means of the Cyber Cultures study Unit (Ccru)

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He could not have suspected, as he was annointed by the Taks, that he was destined to be the sacrificial harbinger of the Taks’ ultimate destruction. Perhaps it was only towards the end that he realised that his arrival and the apocalyptic eruption of Krakatoa had always been coincident in Tak folklore: their tribal stories said that ‘the Fiery End’ would be the heralded by the arrival of the ‘white Katak’ – ‘Mad Dog’ Curtis. 27th August 1883. The fever has melted away the walls between waking and sleep.

The jungle is rotting me into nothingness. My supplies are exhausted. Clouds of mosquitoes torment me and I am plagued by the pounding, crushing, smothering heat. 28th July 1883. I have broken from everything, in any case participated in something abominable ... behind the tattered masks of man and God. Christian civilization is no better than the prancing of savages ... How could human fellowship exist after this? By now, the Tak N’Ma’s ferocity is legendary: they were “the most unspeakable savages on earth”, according to one of Curtis’ less ethnographically sensitive biographers.

My daytime obsession with Curtis transferred easily into dreams in which Curtis featured heavily; in terribly vivid nightmares I sometimes felt I was meeting Curtis; at other times, I had the uncanny conviction that I was seeing the jungle landscape through his fever-darkened eyes. Given the circumstances, these nocturnal encounters were hardly unmotivated, but the dreams had a naggingly intimate quality about them. As if I had experienced them them many times before, and was only now remembering them.

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