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There may be a headache or ickness. This kind of fit has been described in some detail, not because it is necessarily the most important, but because it can be frightening and alarming to the onlooker and it will help if you understand the progression of events. Many children and adults with epilepsy never have these major convulsions. 2 Another generalised seizure is weil known by the term 'petit mal'. This is a very short-lived seizure in which consciousness is briefly lost but body posture remains.

Sed by coughing or sneezing , or by sharing eating, drinking, and wa hing implements or toileting facilities. Perhaps the only unu$uaJ precaution that need to be taken , in school or out , occur in a ea e of bleeding by an infected child. In such cases as always the site of the bleeding should be treated and covered as quickly as possible. If any of hi blood has been splashed or dripped around the school , then - purely as a precautionary mea ure - it should be cleaned up as quickly a po sible, using a strong disinfectant, by someone who has no wounds or sores (wearing rubber gloves is an added precaution).

Although a diabetic child in your class then will be having at least one in ulin injection per day and following a strictly controlled and regulated diet , he will in almo t all other respects be able to lead a normallife, both 2 within and outside school , including most ports. To engage in strenuous port . however. the diabetic child will need to take in some extra carbohydrate food (sugar, sweets, chocolate. ). This feature highlights a third factor in the delicate balance underlying successful control - energy expenditure.

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