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He meditated and prayed to Shiva for a long time. Shiva was very pleased with his devotion and appeared before him. Parusurama bowed to Shiva and said: “ You are an all- seeing all-knowing God. Even an ant does not bite without your knowledge or permission. I do not have to explain or tell you anything. ” Shiva, along with many powerful weapons, gave Parasurama a divine one. “This will be known as the Bhargava astra after you. You have been born on the earth for a divine purpose. There will 45 January 2001 CMYK be no hurdles in your way.

January 2001 CMYK 50 Chandamama If that devil comes after me, what shall I do? He goes to the banyan tree, dressed as a ghost. Govind Seth is restless. I would better take all the money back home. He digs the place and pulls out the pots one after another. Samir, lying in wait, jumps on Govind Seth. Devil! A devil is after me! Save me! Chandamama 51 January 2001 CMYK Listen to me, friends! The ghost menace is over. I shall show you who the ghost is. Follow me. Govind Seth is tied to the same banyan tree.

There was resentment among the Punjabi soldiers in the army towards their English officers. The people’s pride felt a sudden surge when Rabindranath Tagore was awarded the 1913 Nobel Prize for Literature for his ‘Gitanjali’. The Komagatha Maru incident further stoked anti-British feelings among the Punjabis. Nearly 600 January 2001 CMYK 36 Sikhs went by ship in 1914 to Canada where they were refused permission to land. Back in Calcutta, the government wanted them to proceed to Punjab and not stay back in Calcutta apprehending an agitation.

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