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Chemistry Made transparent is ordinary as a center GCSE Chemistry textual content, or because the Chemistry element of a balanced technological know-how direction. scholars may be capable of finding issues out quick and simply one of the simplified causes. * each one double-page unfold offers with a unique subject and contains questions * examination point questions on the finish of every bankruptcy * Line drawings and pictures spotlight the real-life functions of chemistry Chemistry Made transparent can also be suggested via college of Cambridge overseas Examinations for IGCSE Chemistry.

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C In Group 0, the atoms have ... 3 What are the rows in the Table called? 4 Use the larger table on page 202 to help you name the elements in: a Group V b Period 1 c Period 3 5 What is the special name for the elements in: a Group I? b Group VII c Group 0? 6 Draw a large outline of the Periodic Table and mark in the names and symbols for the first twenty elements. Use the table on page 202 to help you. 5 Some groups from the Periodic Table Families of elements On the last two pages, you saw that the elements have been arranged in groups, in the Periodic Table.

2 Copy and complete: Metals are ......... because the ions are arranged in a ......... pattern. 3 Why can metals conduct electricity? Would you expect a molten metal to conduct? Why? 4 What are allotropes? Give an example. 5 Draw a diagram to show how the carbon atoms bond in: a diamond b graphite 6 Why are diamonds so hard? 7 Why is graphite soft and slippery? 51 Questions on Chapter 3 1 The table below shows the structure of several particles: Electrons Protons Neutrons 12 12 12 12 14 12 D 12 12 10 10 E 9 8 9 10 Particle A B c 8 a Which three particles are neutral atoms?

02 x 1023 sodium atoms, or 1 mole of sodium atoms. Iodine is made up of iodine molecules. Its formula is h. Its formula mass is 254. Water is made up of water molecules. Its formula is H 2 0. Its formula mass is 18. Above is 254 grams of iodine. 02 x 1023 water molecules or 1 mole of water molecules. 02 x 1~ iodine molecules, or 1 mole of iodine molecules. 02 X 1023 particles of the substance. It is obtained by weighing out the RAM or formula mass, in grams. 56 Finding the mass of a mole You can find the mass of 1 mole of any substance, by these steps: 1 Write down the symbol or formula of the substance.

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