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By Jonathan Rowson

Jonathan Rowson, writer of the hugely acclaimed Seven lethal Chess Sins, investigates 3 questions very important to all chess-players:
1) Why is it so tough, in particular for grownup avid gamers, to improve?
2) What sorts of psychological attitudes are had to locate solid strikes in numerous stages of the game?
3) Is White's alleged first-move virtue a delusion, and does it make a distinction even if you're enjoying Black or White?
In a strikingly unique paintings, Rowson uses his educational history in philosophy and psychology to reply to those questions in an unique and instructive method. This booklet assists all avid gamers of their efforts to enhance, and gives clean insights into the hole and early middlegame.

Rowson offers many new principles on how Black should still top strive against White's early initiative, and utilize the additional details that he earnings because of relocating moment. for example, he indicates that during a few circumstances a state of affairs he calls 'Zugzwang Lite' can come up, the place White reveals himself missing any positive strikes. He additionally takes an in depth examine the theories of 2 avid gamers who, in differing kinds, have really good in championing Black's reason: Mihai Suba and Andras Adorjan. Readers also are built with a 'mental toolkit' that might allow them to deal with many general over-the-board occasions with larger good fortune, and steer clear of quite a few mental pitfalls.

Chess for Zebras bargains clean insights into human idiosyncrasies in all levels of the sport. The intensity and breadth of this e-book will for this reason support avid gamers to understand chess at a extra profound point, and make steps in the direction of sustained and critical development.

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Yanayt, Las Vegas 2010. bs 16 lbh2!? d2! Petrosian, Warsaw 200S. Now the obvious 18 b4! lbb7 19 'ii'a4 looks good for White, as Black's knight will remain out of play. d) 12 ... e3 is played the most often, but 14... Berbatov, Seville 2009) 19 f4 cs! tf2 lbc6?! 21 eS! Erdogdu, Heraklion 2007. However, Pa n n o Va riatio n : 7 lZJ c 3 a 6 8 h 3 I! lZJd7! improves and gives Black a decent position. d2) 14 'ifc1 looks too fancy after 14... c6. l:tc1 is the problem. This has not been seen in practice, but it is quickly found by the computer and was recommended by Avrukh.

Ixd2 29 �d2 l:tc3! :cl+ and ... c4 was a better try. 25 g4 White should avoid 25 "ifd3?! hxg3 26 hxg3? 'ii'f6! Vxh4!? when 26 'ifxas? �g7 gives Black a very strong attack. The text move keeps the h-file closed, but now the f4-pawn is weak. Black's h-pawn may also be able to trouble White's king. ie3 ! ixd2 29 'ii'xd2 ltJc4 and Black's knight is suddenly a very strong piece. ie3 27 ... ic3 may be more accurate. txd2 29 l:txd2 would transpose to the game. d1 White could have tried 28 tt:\e4!?. Motylev, Bucharest 2000.

B) 24 tt:Ja4? d4 2S 'it'c1! Nevednichy, Bucharest (rapid) 2006. lt'lg4!? b1 and now 19 ... xdS?! Gurevich, Severodonetsk 1982. Although Black managed to win, his compensation looks insufficient at this point. b2) 19 .. xf2 23 lt'lf3 has been seen a few times. White maintains some advantage because of his well-centralized position and the shaky position of the f2-bishop. xdslt'lxds 20 cxds gives Black several possibilities, but he must be careful that the as-knight does not become a mere spectator.

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