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By Saint Augustine;James J. O’Donnell (ann.)

The Confessions of Augustine have lengthy either demanded and eluded the sustained and severe realization to aspect scholarly statement supplies. This new paintings in 3 volumes is an important new reference in Augustine scholarship. A revised Latin textual content of the Confessions in quantity I kinds the root for a close line-by-line statement (Volumes II and III) designed to explain the numerous layers of which means within the paintings. huge citation and considerable quotation of Augustine's personal writings, of the scriptural texts that have been by no means faraway from his brain, and of the works of his highbrow forebears (chief between them Cicero, Plotinus, and Ambrose) are supposed to supply one crucial context for interpreting the Confessions. putting the emphasis totally on exegesis, O'Donnell opens up new strains of interpretation, and provides a wealth of clean aspect to a couple extra time-honored issues. where of the Confessions in Augustine's personal lifestyles and within the background of Christian literature is usually mentioned and illuminated.

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Not until April 387 did A. make the commitment to the Christian cult that he would regard as irrevocable. 's mind and commitment at the time. Only in retrospect does the garden scene provide the decisive moment: a lapse between August 386 and April 387 would have rewritten the meaning of that scene completely. 28 Civ. 8. 12 claims that Plotinus, Porphyry, and Iamblichus all recommended sacrifice to the HEARING CONFESSIONS xxix A further evidentiary problem obtrudes to cut the cult-life of late antiquity off from our view.

9), and his present life extends beyond the pages he writes in many ways, cult activity not least of them. From his earliest writings, Augustine's programme as writer aspired to knowledge of God and knowledge of self. But God and Augustine we learn about only indirectly and at a rhetorical distance in the Confessions. To remember that is to begin to understand better the text as text, and there is perhaps the key to seeing the most vital feature of this particular text. A text is not a life: so far, so good.

Xxxii INTRODUCTION erratis quae ipse committo. in his enim quae tibi recte, si adverteris, displicebunt, ego ipse conspicior, in his autem quae per donum spiritus quod accepisti recte tibi placent in libris meis, ille amandus, ille praedicandus est apud quem est fons vitae, et in cuius lumine videbimus lumen sine aenigmate et facie ad faciem, nunc autem in aenigmate videmus. in his ergo quae ipse de veteri fermento eructavi, cum ea legens agnosco, me iudico cum dolore; in his vero quae de azymo sinceritatis et veritatis dono dei dixi, exulto cum tremore.

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