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The horses in the stable ate their hay. Sentence 16 expresses an idea about horses eating their hay, and also about where this happened. Thus there are two propositions, P1 and P2. P1 (eat, horses, hay) P2 (Location: in, horses, stable) These two propositions could be expressed as: The horses ate their hay while they were in the stable. Long sentences can consist of many propositions which are interrelated and further related to those in other sentences as in: Contemporary psychology 38 17. The horses in the stable ate their hay.

And BLAKE, R. , New York, McGraw-Hill. A good all-round summary of perception. SPILLMAN, L. S. (Eds) (1990) Visual Perception: the Neurophysiological Foundations, San Diego, Academic Press. An excellent review of relevant biology. References BIEDERMAN, I. (1987) ‘Recognition by components: a theory of human image understanding’, Psychological Review, 94, 115–45. G. A. (1994) ‘Human sensitivity to temporal proximity: the role of spatial and temporal speed gradients’, Perception and Psychophysics, 55, 689–99.

When such violations occur, people are actually slower to read words than if no context had been given. Research by Stanovich and West (1981) also indicated that priming effects on word identification are found when people read sentences as well as when they respond to word pairs. Responses to words at the ends of sentences are facilitated if the sentence contains words that are semantically related to the targets. Depending upon the speed of reading, these effects may be either automatic or influenced by expectations generated from the sentential context.

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