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By Steven Tomczyk, Jie Zhang, Timothy Bastian

Captures advances being made within the box of coronal magnetism, from concept to observations and instrumentation.

This quantity is a set of analysis articles with reference to the sun corona, and especially, coronal magnetism. The e-book was once inspired through the Workshop on Coronal Magnetism: Connecting versions to information and the Corona to the Earth, which used to be held 21 - 23 might 2012 in Boulder, Colorado, united states. This workshop used to be attended by way of nearly 60 researchers. Articles from this assembly are contained during this topical factor, however the topical factor additionally includes contributions from researchers no longer current on the workshop.

This quantity is geared toward researchers and graduate scholars energetic in sun physics.

Originally released in Solar Physics, Vol. 288, factor 2, 2013 and Vol. 289, factor eight, 2014.

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