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By P.D. James

Sally Jupp used to be a sly and sensuous younger lady who used her physique and her brains to make her method up the social ladder. Now she lies throughout her mattress with darkish bruises from a strangler’s palms ceaselessly marring her lily-white throat.Someone has determined that the wages of sin will be death...And it's as much as leader Inspector Adam Dalgliesh to determine who that somebody is.

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But it was only to say that Sally was doing all right. It was funny though. " It must have struck Deborah as strange, too, for she asked. " "No. Not since Sally went to Martingale. She telephoned to tell us that. At least I think she did. She may have written to Mr. Proctor, but I can't be sure. I suppose she thought that we ought to know about Sally leaving the Home, Mr. Proctor being her guardian. At least he used to be, but now she's over twenty-one and on her own it's nothing to us where she goes.

We had a house in Stoke Newington then. There hadn't been many raids and somehow we felt safe with the Anderson shelter and everything. It was one of those VI rockets that did for Lil and George. I don't remember anything about it nor about being dug out. They never told me about Lil for a week afterwards. They got us all out but Lil was dead and George died in hospital. We were the lucky ones. At least I suppose we were. Mr. Proctor was really bad for a long time and, of course, he's got his disability.

He wondered how far they were going and whether Deborah had bothered to tell her mother how long they would be away. ‹I think I know roughly where you live," he heard her saying. "It's just outside Canningbury, isn't it? We go through it on our way to London. But I shall have to rely on you for the road. It's very sweet of you to let us drive you home. Funerals are. " The result of this was unexpected. Suddenly Mrs. Proctor was crying, not noisily, hardly even without moving her face. Almost as if her tears were without any possibility of control she let them slide in a stream down her cheeks and fall on to her folded hands.

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