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Although he (and others) may have expected a wicket every time he bowled, he had the ability and guise to set batters up by continually landing the ball in areas of uncertainty. He didn’t claim a wicket every over. In fact, it took him approximately 10 overs to get a wicket! His strike rate was just under the 60 mark. Also, because he was so accurate, he had a very low economy rate. This meant that the opposition always had to force the pace if they were to amass a respectable score. Since they were never given easy runs, they were always under pressure.

Reverse swing occurs when the two sides of the ball substantially differ in condition. One side is usually rougher and duller than the other, which is hopefully smoother and shinier. When bowled with the right velocity and the correct seam placement, the ball tends to swing in the direction of the shiny side. The ability to bowl a reverse swing depends on the playing conditions. A dry, barren pitch tends to rough up balls quickly. If enough shine can be imparted to one side of the ball, reverse swing is definitely possible.

So, the next time you have a chance to bowl, don’t expect a wicket every time. Bowl your type of delivery with appropriate pace, swing, or spin. Bowl accurately and on a good length, and do so consistently. Before you know it, you will be getting more wickets than you thought possible, with a respectable economy rate. 29 24 Bowling Is Just Like Archery: Hit the Spot to Win Gold! T he ability to hit a bullseye with a bow and arrow is mandatory for any archer who wants to win an Olympic gold medal.

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