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H e r e was Brandt's later Ostpolitik in a nutshell. His experiences in post-war Berlin a n d notably the events s u r r o u n d i n g the construction of the Wall provide the key for many of Brandt's later political objectives. T h e result of the subsequent federal election was nevertheless a disappointment for the SPD and its candidate and bore out the success of the right-wing campaign. 2 per cent. 2 p e r cent. But in view of the obvious failure of A d e n a u e r ' s foreign policy this d r o p was not as substantial as might have b e e n expected.

However, these initiatives could not disguise the human tragedy which the Wall signified. It was brought home to the population by an incident at the Wall on 17 August 1962 when two eighteen year old East Berlin workers tried to escape to the west by scaling the wall. One of them, Peter Fechner, was shot by the East German guards, fell back on the eastern side of the Wall and was left to bleed to death by the East Germans. His cries for help could be heard in the west where people were unable to intervene.

A d e n a u e r still c o m m a n d e d enormous respect as the man who had brought back prosperity and a measure of respectability. T h e SPD could not match this a n d would n o t have d o n e better with a less vulnerable candidate; on the contrary, it was due to Brandt's great success in Berlin that the SPD was able to increase its vote in the way it did. 27 T h e defeat did n o t d e t e r the SPD from c o n t i n u i n g its course of 'unity' with the CDU, a line which was p u s h e d notably by Wehner.

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