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By N - translated by Rose Prokovieva Nosov

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Look at the way the soil has swelled! " Mishka ran off to call the boys to show them how the seeds were growing. Lyosha and Senya and I pulled another few seeds out of the soil. They had all begun to sprout. Soon the boys arrived and crowded round. Everyone wanted to have a look at the seeds. " "Of course," said Mishka. "Oats are also living things, only they grow up and stand in one place, but when our chicks hatch out they'll run around and squeak and ask for food. " THE HARDEST DAY OF ALL Working all together was fun and the time passed quickly.

Wait, fellows. You hang on to that egg and I'll go and call the others," said Kostya. "That's right, go and get them. They didn't believe there would be any chicks at all. " "That's where you're mistaken. " Kostya ran out and we heard him go clattering down the stairs, three steps at a time. " cried Mishka. " He ran to call his mother, and I snatched up the egg and ran off to show it to my mother. Mother looked at it and told me to run and put it back in the incubator at once, otherwise it might cool down and the chicken would catch cold.

Shouted Mishka and burst out laughing. "Now where shall we run to? " I said. "What's the rush? " He rushed to the door. " I said. "Put the egg back first. " Mishka came back and put the egg into the incubator. At that moment Kostya came. " shouted Mishka. " Mishka lifted the incubator lid and Kostya looked inside. "Where's the chick? " Mishka had forgotten where he had put the egg with the crack in it and now he couldn't find it. Finally he chanced on it and showed it triumphantly to Kostya. Kostya squealed with delight.

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