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By Dante Alighieri

In The Paradiso, Dante explores the objective of human striving: the merging of person future with common order. one of many towering creations of global literature, this epic discovery of fact is a piece of mystical depth- an immortal hymn to God, Nature, Eternity, and Love.

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On the center of Anita Brookner's new novel lies a double secret: What has occurred to Anna Durrant, a solitary girl of a definite age who has disappeared from her London flat? And why has it taken 4 months for a person to notice?

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En una ocasión, Leopoldo unfortunately «Clarín» afirmó que Emilia Pardo Bazán period «uno de los españoles que más saben y mejor entienden lo que ven, piensan y sienten. Tratar con ella es aprender mucho». los angeles crítica suele estar de acuerdo en afirmar que donde mejor se recoge su habilidad como escritora es, precisamente, en sus cuentos -valientes, modernos, de impecable factura-. Leer estas piezas supone una grata sorpresa.

Eva Acosta, biógrafa de l. a. condesa y una de las mayores especialistas de su obra, ha llevado a cabo una rigurosa selección de sus mejores cuentos. Fantásticos, policíacos, realistas, humorísticos, de misterio, históricos o intimistas, esta antología constituye una de las cumbres de los angeles narrativa española del XIX.

«No llamaba amor a devaneos breves y sin huella. No llamaba amor a los angeles sensibilidad. Y los angeles sensibilidad redoblaba su tristeza, vaga e indefinible. »

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Lxx). INTRODUCTION 37 But in addition to its literary supremacy, the Aeneid acquired a semi­ religious stature. It became an oracle known as the Sortes Virgilianae, the Virgilian lottery: you took a passage at random and it foretold your future. Often it was consulted in temples, as it was regarded as an oracle; Hadrian and other men who became Roman emperors first learned of their future eminence from this source. And when the English monarch Charles I, barred from London by revolutionary parliamentarians, made Oxford his headquarters during the civil war, he consulted the Virgilian lottery in the Bodleian Library and put his finger by chance on Dido’s curse on Aeneas: “.

Powerless now to keep that Trojan king from Italy? Ah but of course—the Fates bar my way. And yet Minerva could burn the fleet to ash and drown my Argive crews in the sea, and all for one, one mad crime of a single man, Ajax, son of Oileus! [13–41] 20 30 40 50 [42–74] B O O K O N E : S A F E H AV E N A F T E R S T O R M She hurled Jove’s all-consuming bolt from the clouds, she shattered a fleet and whipped the swells with gales. And then as he gasped his last in flames from his riven chest she swept him up in a cyclone, impaled the man on a crag.

One of the Trojans, Nisus, proposes to steal at night through the sleeping enemy contingents to go and warn Aeneas of the danger to his base, and his young lover, Euryalus, insists, in spite of Nisus’ protests, on accompanying him. They carry out a wild slaughter among the sleeping Italians but as they move off, toward the river perhaps, they are inter­ cepted and killed by a fresh enemy contingent just arriving. The next day Turnus renews the attack on the camp and even manages to get in alone through a gate that has been opened by overconfident Trojans.

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